Telco-Vision Framework

The glue of the network
  • One of our main advantages is the ability to “glue” any protocol or technology to another, therefore allowing network orchestration between different technologies such as 3G and 4G/5G, and different vendors.
  • As an example, we provided one of our clients a way to supports legacy IN (CS1) with their new IMS network while allowing their entire legacy IN bases services to remain functional and accessible even for IMS/VoLTE subscribers.
We have our own protocol stack
  • Another unique advantage of our solution is that Telco-Vision owns the complete protocol stack so you get a complete flexibility over all OSI layers above the transit (IP) including the SCTP/TCP.
  • This unique approach allows us to provide “Programable Protocol Gateway” so that our clients can create their own services in a simple HTTP Restful API and the Protocol Gateway converts it into the desire protocol (MAP/CAMEL/CS1+/Diameter Gy|Ro|s6a|Sls|Sh)

Our Solutions

We create our solutions based on our framework in two main configurations - hosted and cloud based

Cloud-based support

We provide all our solutions with cloud-based support using VMware, OpenStack, AWS, GCP.

Hosted solutions

We also provide hosted solutions for core network or IT nodes in a SaaS model where the MVNO/MNO pays for its own usages only, without needing to worry about any HW/SW extensions, upgrades, maintenance.

eSIM RSP/Applets/OTA in SaaS model

And end-to-end SaaS based solution for IoT/MNO/MVNO/MVNE CSP that will allow eSIM on consumer & IoT devices.

We provide Remote eSIM provisioning with full profile management using open API's and Portal.

Our SaaS OTA system allows controling eSIM/SIM/iSIM using SMS & IP channels.

Our RTU licenses Applets provide a huge variety of solutions that can be added on-the-fly.

  • IT


STP+ is in fact a two in one solution.


DSC+ act as DRA, DEA and Firewall all in a single solution.


IWF provides MAP-Diameter interworking function to allow 4G registration using MNO/MVNO HLR.


HHS+ is HLR and HSS combined into a single solution


SMSC+ is a features rich Short Message Service Center


Sig+ is an SS7 (MAP, CAMEL) and Diameter S6a open HTTP based API solution, that allows complete freedom for service creation around it with high performance and stability in place. This takes aways the need for a Telecom expert developer, as the complexity for the Telco based protocols are handled inside the Sig+ software. The HTTP APIs are provided in XML and JSON formats, and support all layer from SS7 SCCP and any Diameter AVP.


Telco-Vision provide tailored-made services per the client's needs both in INAP and SIP and also provide interworking between SIP to INAP/CAMEL if existing system are to be supported.


EIR provides Equipment Identity Register which supports external/internal databases to check for IMSI/MSISDN/IMEI/ restriction rules.


USSD-GW is a programable USSD engine for push/pull with the ability to configure own call flows and APIs to external systems like OCS or any other node that can interact with HTTP based APIs.


GTP+ provides flexible GTP manipulation platform to allow network slicing for GTP, mainly created to help MNO to slice their network for MVNO’s and for Roaming cases.


GMLC+ supports both MAP & Diameter (SLg / SLh / Sh) for full 2G/3G/4G/5G(NSA) supports.

SS7 & Diameter Protocols Stack SDK

All Teclo-Vision protocol stacks are developed using C++ thread pool for maximum performance and efficiently.


Voucher Management System is an IT OCS echo system for generating and managing the entire prepaid voucher life-cycle up to the printing house or any other system. Telco-Vision VMS also provides an open APIs to IVRs/USSD-GW,CRM & OCS which can be easily adjusted, while keeping the whole process secured.


Network front-end for OCS for Call/SMS/MMS/Data charging with additional legacy services support such as USSD/SMS/IVR self-care, USSD-callback, USSD gateway, B-Party-Pays, CLIR Block and many others


Enhanced CDR Billing system for settlement and invoicing, which support any CDR/TAP/CSV/other format as input and can connect to any source of rating data source using from RDBMS to NoSQL to simple CSV files

V-PBX & private Web based conference app

Virtual PBX for handling corporate as well as SME/SOHO customers with unique and feature-full service covering special call handling, calendars, announcements, web-based attendant, conferencing, Sip Trunking and many more! All delivered in open environment.

Our Services

  • Growing your business and the technology behind it is not always a straightforward task. By acquiring our outside perspective, fueled by our vast experience, you receive a fresh point of view and rapidly gain much needed knowledge without taking on any of the risks that accompanies hiring new resources.
Roaming & Management Hub
  • Our roaming & management hub provides open API's to control eSIM/pSIM via SMS & IP OTA using our SaaS model while if needed our hub can provide a full set of GSM/UMTS/LTE/5GC roaming Partners using our Sponsored roaming program when we provide IMSI's exchange using our unique on the fly method
Telecom Software R&D
  • Software development and quality assurance does not end with methodology, code writing, tools, and professional resources. It is also about truly caring about the results and the quality. Our experienced Software engineers and QA professionals provide our customers with extensive set of development and QA services, ensuring a high level of system quality. Using our advanced methodologies and profound experience, our customers are able to shorten their time to market and to optimize their costs.

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